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At EQfit, we have a wide scope of work: the Method suits everyone who is committed to creating a solid foundation for themselves. In the Netherlands, we have chosen education, companies, entertainment, health care, sports and individuals as target areas. Our workouts are tailor-made for each target audience, so we can guarantee the best possible result.

Is EQfit necessary? That question isn’t up for debate. The use of our services as a first resort, is what is key. Because we simulate situations from everyday life, our approach always delivers results. Our clients’ request always comes first, so we develop a tailor-made EQfit programme for each individual.

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You can find EQfit partners throughout the Netherlands, working for almost every target audience you can think of. However, the EQfit isn’t just a company. Our EQfit specialists are well trained and form a close-knit group where everybody shares the same drive and ambition: to make a difference in this world. There is a fast and continuous growth in the demand for effective coaching with quick and lasting results. That is why we have a constant need for good coaches who are willing to work with this new method.

To us, your motivation and walk of life are more valuable than certificates or degrees you might have obtained. You will learn everything you need during our thorough training and the continued professional guidance afterwards. If you are committed to keep developing yourself both as a human being and a professional, you have a chance of becoming an EQfit partner or license holder! Interested? Then fill out our online coaching test and we might invite you for a personal introduction.

The right people in the right place!

EQfit is looking for the right people in the right place. Our partners and license holders have the freedom to choose to work with this new great methode. Has it always been your interest to help others? Do you want people to be happy? Than this is the place for you!

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