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EQ Masterclass

Our Masterclasses give you a good impression off the human EQ foundation. It opens your eyes and makes you directly aware of your current behaviour. In most cases, this results in a request for help, simply because the actual behaviour no longer suits the current lifestyle of your client.

Topics that are addressed during our Masterclasses are: an introduction to boxing, learning a solid stance, being influenced and distracted, focus and resting, knowledge about the human brain, bodylanguage and learning to observe during the various workouts. Learning to ask questions, instead of being judgmental or taking assumptions.

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Fun for everyone

Unique and distinctive masterclasses

Know yourself!

EQfit makes you stronger

Do you need help urgently, or do you want to become an even better version of yourself? Do you want to organize an educational EQ Masterclass for your team? Or maybe you want to boost your employers so they can perform better in the workplace? It doesn't matter what you are looking for. The EQfit method provides you with many useful insights and new knowledge. Make a selection and perhaps we will see you soon!

Is EQfit necessary? That question isn’t up for debate. The use of our services as a first resort, is what is key. Because we simulate situations from everyday life, our approach always delivers results. Our clients’ request always comes first, so we develop a tailor-made EQfit programme for each individual.

Do you want to work with this unique method? You can!

Are you stuck in your line of work as a caretaker? Are you a physiotherapist who wants to offer your clients just a bit more? Are you unable to make progress as a coach? EQfit provides a solution for professionals who are passionate about helping others. A short training that teaches you all elements to provide your clients with a solid foundation in just a short amount of time. Would you like to work as part of the EQfit team? Then you could be selected during or after the training with regard to effort, technique and business knowledge.

When you are selected to become an EQfit partner, we will organize a session where you apply all the newly acquired techniques on one of our coaches. After denomstrating your technique on the desired level, we will plan the next step in your education. You will then also receive all the personal and business support you need to make your company successful.

Really helping people!

Apply for our training 'Behavioral Change' and learn to not only improve yourself, but also receive all the tools you need to really start helping people! Your motivation for taking part in this training doesn't really matter. We will make sure that you will finish the course to your full satisfaction and with the desired results.

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