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The Method

Permanent change in behaviour

The method: a combination of workouts, motivation, personalisation and coaching. Information reaches our brain through our senses. While you are boxing and performing other exercises, your physical reactions reveal to us where you stand in life at that specific moment.

Our workouts are based on situations you encounter in everyday life, with regard to influencing, decisiveness, your ability to react, concentration, focus and emotion-regulation. Before doing a specific exercise, we ask you questions about the subject you want to work on. Next, we use your given answers to tailor the exercise to your needs and the specific situation. During the workout, you will discover the workings of your old behaviour. In most cases, this leads to a moment of full concentration.

The technique behind the method activates the emotional brain. That way, your old behaviour is directly replaced by new behaviour. Repetition is crucial for this. But because we use real-life situations, you will encounter this frequently and your new behaviour will build itself automatically. You don’t have to do anything for this!

Why this method?

The Martijn Haan Method was developed because getting help shouldn’t have to take long. Why join an already long waiting list? Why should you have endless conversations? Why use medication? The Method makes a difference in a slow, ponderous world.

Learning how to prevent hindering situations that result in stress is the way to happiness. A level you create to deal with everyday life, and to respond to challenges the right way.

Intake Training Repeat New behaviour

For whom?

This method suits anyone who is willing to scrutinize himself or herself and who is motivated to keep growing. EQfit works in many different sectors. Because we treat real-life situations everybody encounters, we believe we can help anybody on his or her way to improvement. Do certain situations cause you stress? Do you experience negative feelings when getting annoyed? Anxieties that keep coming back? Is it difficult for you to make decisions or do you want to develop yourself in other areas? Then apply for an intake, so we can show you who we are and what we do.

Do you want to work with this unique method? You can!

Are you stuck in your line of work as a caretaker? Are you a physiotherapist who wants to offer your clients just a bit more? Are you unable to make progress as a coach? EQfit provides a solution for professionals who are passionate about helping others. A short training that teaches you all elements to provide your clients with a solid foundation in just a short amount of time. Would you like to work as part of the EQfit team? Then you could be selected during or after the training with regard to effort, technique and business knowledge.

When you are selected to become an EQfit partner, we will organize a session where you apply all the newly acquired techniques on one of our coaches. After denomstrating your technique on the desired level, we will plan the next step in your education. You will then also receive all the personal and business support you need to make your company successful.

Really helping people!

Apply for our training 'Behavioral Change' and learn to not only improve yourself, but also receive all the tools you need to really start helping people! Your motivation for taking part in this training doesn't really matter. We will make sure that you will finish the course to your full satisfaction and with the desired results.

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